What is Hydrogen Water ?

What is molecular hydrogen ? What are the different types ? Water is often the most commonly type. Studies suggest that if you drink hydrogen water, the health effects will last longer than consuming the gas directly. Though all methods used to ingest molecular hydrogen antioxidants are reliable and clinically proven to improve wellbeing. I will share my own experience on this subject. Its my personal preference and you can take it as a reference.


If you know what happens when you drink water, you will get a clear understanding of all the organs that will benefit instantly (or very quickly). Water goes into your intestine and passes out easily, since it has zero calories. Some water enters directly through your mouth and stomach into your bloodstream, but much of the water absorbs from your intestines into your body, and this occurs very rapidly. Not to mention that this the easiest way of ingesting molecular hydrogen molecules. Everyone needs to drink water daily so you don’t have to force yourself to remember to do it. In addition, water , the source is cheap. You don’t have to spend extra getting mineral water or spring water. The good old tap water with filter of course, will be perfectly fine, I am fortunate to live in Singapore when we can access to clean water from the tap. If you are in an area where the source water is not perfect , suggest you invest in a good water filtration system.BREATHING HYDROGEN GAS

If I had to choose, I would definitely pick drinking hydrogen water over hydrogen inhalation. In addition, the hydrogen breathing machines are more expensive to buy. I have done some research. The cheapest starts from USD1000. There are cheaper made in china alternatives. Personally I will avoid but if you did have experiment before , perhaps you can drop in the comments and share your experiences.

For the comparison sake, I tried just breathing hydrogen gas (as an experiment: not drinking hydrogen rich water and instead inhaling hydrogen gas several times throughout the day), and this was not good.

I am also forgetful and lazy. By using the breathing machine, I have to plug myself in and invest 30mins of my time to go through the therapeutic process . However, in order to really find out, I did it. I breathe hydrogen gas (as an experiment: not to drink hydrogen-rich water, but to inhale hydrogen gas several times a day).

The results were pretty obvious. My body didn’t react much to the breathing of hydrogen . I did not experience the usual energy boost I usually get from drinking hydrogen water . Also , the whole process was rather inconvenient . I had to spend about 10mintues to set the machine up. Pour in the water in to the machine , wait for the hydrogen gas to be ready, plug in the tubes and stick it into my nostrils . The feeling is not really something I will want to do perpetually.

Personally , having to spend 30mins seated takes too much hassle and impractical. However, I can see it as an alternative source to have hydrogen ingested into the body. The old and frail and those who has kidney issues will find this a good mode. However, its just not for me .

Let me know what your thoughts are ? Drop me a comment . I will be interested to find out. Which do you prefer. Drinking or Breathing ?