Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen water is water that contains dissolved hydrogen gas. It is still drinking water, but the water is now enriched with hydrogen gas.

What are Oxygen Free Radicals?

Oxygen Free Radicals are the leftover oxygen residue after energy production. Hydrogen can help to eliminate Oxygen Free Radicals, which destroy cells and distort DNA.

Doesn't water already contain hydrogen since it is H2O?

The water molecule has 2 hydrogen atoms, chemically bound to the oxygen atom. This is different from the hydrogen gas molecule (H2), which is just hydrogen atoms bound to each other.

Here's an example: We need oxygen (O2) to live, so why can't we get our oxygen from drinking water (H2O)? It's because the oxygen is chemically tied up in the water molecule. We need available oxygen gas (O2), that is not bound to other atoms or molecules. In the same way, in order for the dissolved hydrogen gas (H2) to benefit us, it must be in an unbound form, and therefore available for the therapeutic benefit.

Is hydrogen safe for consumption?

Yes. Hydrogen is safe for consumption. Hydrogen gas has been shown to be very safe at concentrations hundreds of times higher than what is being used for therapy.

What are the benefits of drinking hydrogen water?

There are many benefits of drinking hydrogen water and these have all been proven by clinical studies. Hydrogen helps to eliminate free radicals from our body. It can help keep our minds alert, enhance metabolism, improve blood pressure and blood circulation, aid in digestion, reduce arthritis and chronic illness symptoms etc. For a full list of health benefits, please refer to:

What is the recommended amount of LivePure Hydrogen Water to consume per day?

We recommend drinking LivePure Hydrogen Water as often as needed.

Can I boil LivePure Hydrogen Water?

No. We do not recommend boiling LivePure Hydrogen Water as molecular hydrogen will break down when the water temperature is above 40°C.

Can I store LivePure Hydrogen Water?

LivePure Hydrogen Water can be stored for up to 72 hours in an airtight container. However, we recommend consuming LivePure Hydrogen Water within 1 hour for maximum effectiveness.

What is the difference between LivePure Hydrogen Generator and other water filters or dispensers?

LivePure Hydrogen Generator is not a water filter or water dispenser. It is a special machine that produces a high concentration of hydrogen instantly, using water as a carrier to transport hydrogen into our bodies.

Does the LivePure Hydrogen Generator purify water?

No. The LivePure Hydrogen Generator is not a water filter or dispenser. It is an one of its kind, high concentration hydrogen water generator.

Does the LivePure Hydrogen Generator come with warranty?

Yes. The LivePure Hydrogen Generator comes with a 2 year warranty (one for one exchange).  Please register your product warranty online at

Do I need to replace any filter or cartridge for the LivePure Hydrogen Generator?

No. There is no need to replace any filter or cartridge.

Why do I visit the washroom so frequently after consuming LivePure Hydrogen Water?

This is normal as LivePure Hydrogen Water is working hard to eliminate the free radicals in your body!

Does LivePure Hydrogen Generator change the pH of water?

No. LivePure Hydrogen Generator does not change the pH of the source water.

Where is LivePure Hydrogen Generator made in?

LivePure Hydrogen Generator is made in Korea with a worldwide patented technology.